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We provide car kitchens with a fridge and other car appliances

All of our kitchen and refrigerator systems are made to size / order so whatever vehicle you have we can build the system you need and it will be a perfect fit! The refrigerator takes one-third to two-thirds size of the whole box, normally we use the left area for the refrigerator, and the right space for storage of the kitchen ware such as the pot, the bowl, the stove ect..

Locating these fridges or coolers on slides saves space when they are slid inside the cabinet and puts your food items at a more accessible and ergonomic height. Powerkeep's most popular fridge can store all basic kitchen ingredients, cooking and cleaning equipment. You can make food at any time and anywhere.

Requires zero drilling and only takes 5 minutes to install or remove from the vehicle. Fits Jeep Wrangler JK, Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes G-Class, Subaru Outback, pickup trucks, and more.

Name: off-road vehicle kitchen with a fridge 名称: 带冰箱的越野车厨房
Model: CKF 型号: CKF
Size: according to back space 尺寸: 依越野车尾箱空间

Name: off-road vehicle kitchen 名称: 越野车厨房
Model: CK 型号: CK
Size: according to back space 尺寸: 依越野车尾箱空间

car kitchen

car kitchen

car kitchen car kitchen
car kitchen car kitchen