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We provide car kitchens with a fridge and other car appliances

Powerkeep can design products that can keep constant temperature or humidity, they are widely used in the cars, trucks, vans, buses, homes, officers, beauty salons, dormitories, hotels and restaurants. The product can store food, fruits, beverages, drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, health care products, vaccines, drugs, cigarettes, cigars, tea, seafood, bird' nut, ginseng, cordyceps, etc.. All the product can enhance peoples's quality of life, and create a new way of living.

This superior portable small car refrigerator has a concise appearance with simple black or white. The whole case features a rugged design, compact, steady and high-efficient, make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with a practical and human-friendly draw bar, there is no need to worry about carrying the fridge full of food or drinks. It is a perfect choice for you to enjoy fresh food and cold drinks.

Some of the best electric coolers have both a cooling and a heating feature. It makes your life easier when you are on the road. You can switch between these two modes depending on the weather and the nature of the food you put inside.This high-quality top-loading fridge uses one of the most electrically-efficient sealed semiconductor, these whisper-quiet semiconductor use a fraction of the energy of a troop, and they are also ultra-reliable, since they are completely sealed within their own casing, eliminating maintenance and noise. Advanced cooling or heating systems keep your beverages and food at the perfect temperatures.

The portable insulin refrigerator is an electronic refrigeration equipment. In the intelligent mode, the temprature inside maintains at between 2-8°C. In the setting mode, the temperature in the box can be set at any temperature between 2-25°C. This product adopts the international advanced technology of semiconductor cooling system, designed for use of medical requirement.

The cooler comes with handles so it's easier to carry, and the whole case features a rugged design so it can survive numerous trips and parties unscathed. The inside lid even contains a small light, so you can find what you need in the dark. It may look like a simple concept, but getting the right balance of size and power management required some thorough research and testing. The cooler incorporates some advanced circuitry to distribute the power to the refrigeration system, all while taking up a relatively small amount of space.

The material EPP is used for decades in the automotive industry, as it combines light-weight with extreme shock and break resistance, robustness and long lifetime. EPP material has the best insulation properties and is very light, be used universally as storage and transport box. The box is stackable and calibrated to fit all kinds of pallets.It is robust, temperature-resistant and waterproof , the box made of EPP is drug-safe and perfect choice to store and transport drug items.

The client wants to put this bus refrigerator onto their tour buses and store a lot of food and drinks, so their customers can enjoy the food and drink the company provided. The food and drink of every tourist attraction are very expensive, but the food and drink on the bus are cheaper than those the tourist attraction provided, and more expensive than those in the ordinary supermarket, so the tourists can get tangible benefits, and the tour company can earn more profit.